Interesting Food Around the World

From TV, which I believe is the best educator for gaining “worldly knowledge” – you don’t need to leave your house to find out about the world! I was able to see what sort of food and delicacies the different cultures enjoy. 

Its often different, never heard before, never thought of and sometimes grotesque, though it never stopped me from eating while watching some poor presenter tasting the brains or bile of some living creature! 

I was motivated to find out more about the exotic delicacies the world have to offer, until I bumped into this site and fellow Malaysians, you cannot believe this…

We know how our wonderful Durian is often included in fear factor challenges and may prove to be a delicacy because of its distinct fragrance. But I cannot believe this!! 

Check this website out and see what was rated as strange… 

I thought that was rather odd. I mean COME ON!!! ICE KACANG?! (It’s spelt wrongly too) Its not something that can be compared to Sheeps head, or even the sago worm which some of the natives eat. 

Well, I found another site which has more detail, feel free to check it out! 

I’m on a mission, to taste as much as I dare! But first, I think I’ll start off with something tame…maybe black pudding.

Jeng jeng jeng…


2 thoughts on “Interesting Food Around the World

  1. Stupid website! How can they say ice kacang is strange! Belacan and bird’s next soup is excusable. Obviously that person only likes his fried chicken and hamburgers.

    Oh oh, I’ve had black pudding before. I had it at the Forum on Division Street. It was nothing bad. Didn’t taste awful at all. It wasn’t that delicious either. I’ll say I’m neutral in my decision for black pudding. I should try haggis. The stuff they use for it isn’t that bad either. It only looks disgusting… 😛

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