Been reading alot of manga lately…

Its predictable, its heart-wrenching, touching, and it can be so annoying at the same time!

Hate it or love it, I just can’t live without a dose of predictable/impossible love situations.

If my life was influenced by the manga genre, it might sound a little like this:

I sit quietly by my desk shrouded with a tonne of work that I absolutely must finish before the weekend. My protesting stomach doesn’t agree with the priority I placed myself in and continues to rage a wave of acidic battle, churning and growling me at its mercy.

I started feeling light headed and almost toppled off my chair as a pair of strong hands propped me back to my seat.

“Hey there! You’ve been working too long, are you alright?!”

Dazed, I tried looking into the face of my saviour, and at that moment, my stomach sounded the horn of its impending victory.

“You haven’t had anything to eat have you? Come, lets go.”

Still out of my wits, I felt myself pulled and my legs acquiesced to the force of momentum. I still haven’t said anything nor have I managed to even glance at my saviours face. Everything was happening so fast.

Before I know it, my surrounding just changes in a blink of an eye, make it a few eyes. All I saw was car, interior of car, car park, road, and table. Everything looks brightly lit as well, have I really managed to stay in the office that long?

I hear a voice calling to me and holding my hand. Hmmm I smell coffee, I need that. The refreshing drink jolt me back to reality as I realised who was in front of me…

Its the most handsomest person in the office, tall, successful, famous and completely unattainable.

My sempai.

(Background music blares out while character shows sweat signs)

His face was so closed to mine I couldn’t stop blushing, I have yet uttered a single word and I just have this urge to quickly run away. But his hand, firm and strong grabbed mine and he gently said to me

“Please, at least have something to eat, you look really pale!”

I nodded and accepted his good grace.

Ok I can’t take this anymore. Following the manga life might be a bit much…I almost couldn’t stomach how slow it goes…I just can’t imagine how they could go on writing the script for the whole series! A person definitely has to have a passion for this sort of storyline. I’ll give this story another go with a different twist…next time. Till then, I’ll enjoy manga stories written & drawn by others.


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