The Kindle and miscellaneous

Recently there’s been launches of the newest gadgets ever to traverse this era of modernization.

We don’t need books or radios or the computer now! Everythings been simplified, shrinked, and made portable. Hence the introduction of the ipod, ipad, and the kindle.

Amongst these new gadgets, I found the kindle the most facinating. The ipod turned out neccesary, while the ipad is a bonus of looking like an ipod but with functions of a laptop.
The kindle, now hear this out: its an electronic book LIBRARY.

Now that caught my attention.

Imagine the idea of carrying a full blown library with you wherever you go! No more agonising decision making needed in which book follows me to work today. No more rationing the speed of reading just because you don,t want to finish the book in one sitting. Best of all, the books are easily attainable and made AFFORDABLE!

So many good points on owning a kindle. But I’ll have to say, I’m a conservative in the type of books to own and read. There’s just more rightness to it in holding a paperback and flipping the page, as well as wearing the book till its dog-eared. Its a thing avid readers have with the conventional reading material. The senses of touch and smell comes to play along with sight in this adventure. This ultimate skill of honing ones imagination concurrently with the affinity with paper comesd with time.

So what I want to point out is, its great to have all these pioneers of convenience (I’m certain this is only the beginning), not everyone will flock to it. Instead, sometimes, what’s old fashion can still remain loved and cherished. Viva la paperbacks!


3 thoughts on “The Kindle and miscellaneous

  1. To be honest, I’m still into the old fashion book. Nothing beats having the book to leaf through, or to skim through to find your favourite part.

    Although… books are so expensive here, I hardly buy any books anymore. I feel bad cos when I do, I read them so fast, and barely have time to re-read the books..

    One of my dreams is to have my own library.. I want to build up my book collection, and have book case after book case full of my favourite books. … One day…

    • Ah you’re a girl after my own heart. It is also my dream to own my own library. Not only for my favourite story books but those factual books as well. I want my home to look like a libraru! Oh chu, remember the photo of stairs being used to store books? That looks so cool, I’m definitely gonna have that ONE DAY. 🙂

      • Oh yes! Definitely need both fiction & non-fiction books 🙂

        I remember the stair book case. That would be so cool to have, especially if you don’t have much space in your house. But I’m gonna aim bit bigger 😉 for an entire room with a nice couch to read in. hahaha

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