We’re living in a gender biased world after all…


I came across the article as the above link through a friend.

It reports an atrocity, a pile of crap collected and festered through time, a completely necessary topic to cause a riot in this already biased, chaotic, discriminating society.

Sure, I’m glad things are not as they were before but you have to admit that its certainly not a bed of roses either. Truthfully said people are still judgemental no matter what era we walk into.

So this article incriminates girls scoring high scores in their final hjgh school exam as a form of merely regurgitating facts and figures without the actual thought process and therefore are not potentially able to succeed facing the real world attaining high position jobs.

Furthermore, this reporter had the gall to put down the responsibilities of a homemaker! Ungrateful beast! He would not last a day bearing the responsibilities and pressure a homemaker faces!

He clearly does not understand the gravitas of raising this as an article to be posted in the newspaper. As a man it probably is difficult for him to comprehend without having the proper guidance and wisdom of the female associates in his sorry life.

No matter how superior each gender feels about themselves, I believe that one cannot live without the other. We exist to complement each other in strengths. We help each other in times of weakness and we fight the good fight of faith.

There isn’t any point of lifting oneself because of the history or the physical attributes one has. But belief of creating a bright future with ones shared vision should be the way to pursue the road to success.


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