Trouble with Technology and Upgrades

Its been a joy blogging the moment an idea comes to mind, nothing inspires or motivates better than knowing that the article you want to share will be posted up immediately!

But alas! After downloading an “upgrade” of the application into my device, a notification asking me to delete a corrupted file come up and to add salt to the wound, I could not access my blog!

I was shocked, amazed and speechless all at once.

Let me compose myself.

Am still getting the jitters of how something so innocent and simple could go wrong…specially since I started using this device recently. Best part is, I have no idea how to solve this problem, neither do I know how to locate the file! I guess my best bet would be to go to the shop and get advise from the experts. I wouldn’t want to further damage my device with my amateurish probes.

Technology is all well and great, the simplicity and convenience it offers is exceptionally wonderful….and addictive. To the point that we get complacent with getting everything we want immediately, when the convenience is not available, we get stuck or uncomfortable and have to force ourselves to adapt once again to our primitive ways as before.

Ah well, we’ll see how the damage fares soon.

Reporting my thoughts from the desktop, I’m signing out now!


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