Living on my own for 6 months – 1

Sneaking some snippets before the bosses report in, I’m just trying to pen/type down my experiences these past few days.

For the next 6 months, I’ll be stationed in the land below the wind, working. Who knows, I might squeeze in a vacation or two in between!

So far its just been me trying to find out where the nearest launderette is (found it, can’t be bothered to wash my nice clothes…don’t want to risk ruining it!), the nearest convenience store etc. So far, found ’em all but I still have to fill the place with some of my necessities!

That done, I need to remember to buy me an umbrella, its unbearably hot here! I just can’t believe how a person could withstand the heat for the whole day! what more for a mere 5 minutes to walk to my office!

So yeah, friends are coming on the way since the people in KK are reasonably happy, relaxed and friendly. The downside is there’s no internet in the house, and the tv doesn’t work. Thank God for Patrick. (For those who don’t know, Patrick’s my hard drive). All the movies and cartoons saved in there was worth saving. My nights would’ve been torturous trying to read all the books I brought real…s.l.o.w.l.y….

Anyway, the scary woman boss who has slightly crooked brown front teeth is back in the office. Best show my best foot! She might like it! 😛


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