Pffft! Productivity…

BAH! I’m just not up to being serious today. I know I have to but today is just a down-in-the-dumps-with-no-reason day.

Maybe its time…

Because having sweet things didn’t help….(pause for effect)

Thank God for the Word though, I didn’t feel as awful as this morning at 6am (I wake up according to when the sun hits my room) .

Gosh, I can’t do anything! I’ve only accomplished about 30% of the work I’ve set out to do today…what can I dooooooooooooooooooo to make me feel motivated AGAIN!!!!

ARGGHHHHHHHHHHH! *vents frustration silently*

The blues couldn’t hit a better time when I absolutely need to get things DONE!

(another pause)

I wonder what do people do to get rid of this feeling and continue getting to being productive again?


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