Living on my own for 6 months – 2

Chronicling my experiences can be fun since fun things happen to me. For instance, yesterday was a good and busy yet interesting day. From how I managed to lock myself out of my own apartment to getting my place cleaned and then realising that the floor is still sticky the next day…lol.

The list just goes on.

It made me appreciate all the good things I’ve always had and now I need to grow up a little more and do things on my own…well not necessarily everything but just the things I know I’m not that good in doing.

Since I’m living in the central business district of the land below the wind, it would be a shame not to explore the shopping areas, who knows I may find something I need…like floor cleaning detergent.

Though I do get a twinge every time I pass by the book store, as I made a vow to not buy books until I manage to get all that I’ve owned finished! Very difficult, the twinge was apparent especially when I walked pass a book authored by James Patterson. It looked really interesting.

Snapping out of that! I need to get back to the serious stuff, work! Its not so bad that its agonisingly boring, it can be interesting! I just need to constantly cool my face just so that I don’t fall asleep staying in the same cubicle in the same cold office.

*sigh* the internet brings a great difference. I’m glad its not banned here.

Anyways, back to work and later in the evening, some exploring! Can’t wait!


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