What would you do

If you have absolutely nothing at all?

For most people, the more common question posted is if you have everything in the world, be it material or monetary, what can they do with that measure of wealth?

Though I’m sure people might have once or twice in their life thought, what would I do if I have absolutely nothing at all?

What would we do indeed.

Imagine, without a home, without a friend, without a face to say hello to. All alone.

I took this line from the song “on my own” from Les Miserables, and honestly I find it immensely uncomfortable. The more I ponder this question, the more I realise that my survival instincts are purely materialistic.

Without money, I can’t pay a lot of my bills, neither can I get the basic necessities, food and water. Which also lead to having no home, and with no change of clothes or and means of transportation. I would live a life of a wandering vagabond. Scouring high and low for crumbs and for a kindly saint to perhaps spare some change for a couple of buns to eat.

Without any means of attaining skills, or education. Finding a job would be tough, but to probably rely on physical labour to scrap for a basic lifestyle.

That’s how it is in our world.

It would’ve been nice if our world is something as from the stories I’ve read. Where even without money or a roof over our heads. The means of survival is still possible and happiness also within the grasp of our hands. We could be travellers, minstrels, story tellers or even a bar maid/waiter! Life need not be purely materialistic because the colour of that lifestyle is different from the demanding, high strung world of ours.

I can imagine myself as probably a singer, a treasure hunter or even a woodsperson. Life would be interesting because the world is our doorstep and life merely a path to explore.

Life would’ve been interesting.  Surely there is a great purpose for us to populate this world, to co-exist with the other creations. To be in the midst of such beauty!

It can be so satisfying just to take a seat by the beach, with a book in hand and a cup of tea, enjoying the evening sun. Or it could be thrilling getting onto places yet undiscovered by our feet!

So I’ve made my vow to myself to be as creative as possible to make my life an adventure. No more being resign to the fact that life is meaningless or boring. Otherwise what’s the point for us on being alive?


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