The (brief) adventures of Jimmy the socks fetish pervert

excerpt: I randomly had this idea when I posted this up as my facebook post, let the random-ness continue!

PS: Borrowed idea from replies given!

There was a young man who had a fetish for socks, his name was Jimmy, Jimmy Hicklad, and he would gather all the different types of socks he sees as he travels around. Now he randomly placed himself in a busy busy area, where people would look through you like flies and trudge through as if you’re transparent.

In a coffee shop, as he was sipping a cup of espresso, he saw this exceptionally gorgeous looking lass, sporting a short bob, pink glossy lips and the sexiest pair legs with socks. He was thinking looking over the wonderful design in deep thought, plus a couple more interesting thoughts when he jumped ten feet up from his seat.

“AAAGHHHH! DAMMIT &%^&$%^@#$!” (Language censored but I know what you’re thinking)

A frantic server came up with a cold towel and proceeded to wipe down his front. Feeling oddly molested, he brushed off the young server and glance out the glass looking for his short bob beauty.

She was there. Witnessing the brief molestation in her cute white socks. She’s gorgeous, he thought sighing lustfully as his eyes wandered from socks up. She in turn was breathing heavily as she stared at the stain on the front of his trousers.

In the midst of this staring competition, the blushing server, still squatted in front of Jimmy, cold towel in hand and staring up at Jimmy. He’s hot, thought the young server in green, glad I got a tiny piece of action feeling him up.

While all three were breathlessly communicating their own thoughts, thunder struck through the busy area and everyone glance up the sky for a second before rain poured down like a flood. It was chaos as every person from the street started seeking refuge in the nearest stores and cafes. The short bobbed beauty was pushed by a horde of screaming cheerleaders, into Jimmy, with the young server in between them.

Squeezed in between the hips of both male and female counterparts, the young server rolled up his eyes and took a long sniff before collapsing in blissful happiness. Jimmy the socks fetish pervert didn’t think much of the zonked out server and concentrated on the short bob beauty in front of him, clutching tight onto his arms for balance.

It was a “moment”, with nickelback’s song blaring out the cafe’s radio singing NEVER GONNA BE ALONE. When Jimmy uttered softly into the woman’s ear,

Please miss, I…I…take of your socks for me…

The short bobbed beauty’s eyes popped wide and stared at him for a second, her mind a whirl of thoughts, specially with the barbaric cries of wimpy cheerleaders in the background.


Yes,….your.., Jimmy’s breath caught as he murmured, your socks, please give it to me.

The short bob wasn’t too pleased as she’s been trudging through the treadmill before enjoying a short walk out, not to mention the little problem with athlete’s foot. An episode flashback of her dumping her socks straight into her basin when it missed and fell in front of her cat, with her cat fainting straight after a sniff.

Desperate with embarrassment, she pushed Jimmy off and ran off into the storm.

Jimmy was about to cry out to the woman when an act of the devil happened and a bull flew in and crash straight into the short bob beauty. She was gored horribly as blood blossomed around her white shirt.

Jimmy screamed and ran, he ran so hard for the woman he just met, for a brief moment in his arms, he thought, he thought…

He pulled her off the bull’s horns and wrestled her to safety, which turned out to be the nearest phone booth. Hugging her tight to his chest, he glanced down from the bloody hole in her torso, down to her socks.

After the whole ordeal, her socks were still clean with bits of blood staining only her shoe. He breathed a sigh of relief, promptly took the socks and left her.

He took a sniff….Ahhhhhhh….and died.


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