Its almost time for me to leave and go home.

My motivation and excitement diminishes as each day passes. Sigh. This is not the attitude one is supposed to have at the workplace.

A couple of thoughts passed through…I’ll just share them:

1. My bed, its big, its comfy…and inviting. Its softness seduces the contours of my body while the pillows do their work, shutting out all coherent thought. Then the final touch, the blanket the envelopes all warmth into one body…mine.

2. I saw a sales advert for Mcdonalds…now they’re selling us Triple Cheeseburger. This just tells me one thing, Hello America.

3. Water, can’t get enough of it, need to buy more.

4. Hair – I should cut it, again. It needs to be the perfect length and thickness otherwise I’ll just resemble a mushroom too much and pigs will come after me.

5. I should really stop reading comics during work hours.

Yes, now that I’ve purged all impure thoughts, I have 43 minutes of the sincere workaholic left in me to give out.

Coffee, anyone?


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