Free Time

I love it! I love having the time to read, to play games, watch my favourite channel and just to laze about without any pressing agenda’s to dictate my day.

I find it especially fulfilling when I complete the book that I’ve been working on but haven’t managed to due to overwhelming amount of work.

Though I’m sure having free time during working hours can have its pros and cons. I have an instant where a close friend of mine complained of the amount of free time he has and how due to the rigid system in his office, was unable to explore the wonderful realms of online goodness. So what can he do during his free time but to rot sitting down?

However, given a different environment, I’m sure most working professionals would enjoy their free time and use it to their fullest…getting on facebook. I have to admit, sometimes I do succumb to temptation but really, I should find something else to do with my (so-called) free time.

I am curious though, why is free time termed as it is? Is time free? I heard that time waits for no man. Once its gone, it never comes back. Hmmm, food for thought for what’s left of my day then!

That’s all I have to say during my ‘free time’!


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