You only have 1 hour to live…

Note: I’m catching up to the 3 weeks I didn’t post for postaweek2011…2 more posts to write!

That’s a really hard post, because well I’m sure all of you realise, 1 hour isn’t much time. I mean what happens during that when hour where you suddenly need to use the throne? There’s 15 minutes gone if you need to do a big no.2.  I’m interpreting this question that I’m the only one afflicted otherwise driving home would be a nightmare!

I don’t think I’d like to die in front of my family members, that would be too painful having them watch me die. I’d rather have a friend who could help me with whatever that needs to be done. At least I won’t have to see tearful faces before leaving. With that I’ve decided to allocate 20 minutes to my family and I’ll give them a call before going off.

Now what shall I do with 40 minutes? Food is not a priority since I know in heaven it will be world buffet feast 24/7. Oh but I must drink a starbucks Venti Java Chip while completing my final requests.

Forty minutes, there are so many things I need to catch up with like saying goodbye to my friends, calling up friends from overseas or writing emails to them. This would roughly take 20 minutes!

See how short time is? This post is getting me a little depressed.

I’m really glad that I don’t have one hour to live but a life time to look forward to! Thank you God for my awesome life and thanks to my parents for giving me life.


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