What I spouted out in 10 minutes

In a village far away, there live a young girl. She had dark eyes and dark locks to match and is pretty known to be quite an adventurous young lass. To top it off, she would wander about in a lads get up and join in for all the men’s activities.

Life in the village didn’t fulfill her hearts desire though, she had a dream to venture the world! To see different sights, taste different food and experience the unique cultures! There’s a whole lot of the world to see! she thought to herself.

Every single day, she would climb up the highest point of the village, up the church spire and look out into the horizon. Dreaming of the day she would finally release her wings to freedom.

Unbeknown to her, opportunity came knocking in a form of an elegant looking stranger. A lot of the villagers came and he was the talk of the village before sun set. The men of the village went to find out news of the world, ladies sigh at his elegant attire and attractive visage, children danced around to see if they could have a piece of the action.

Everyone except the young girl, whose eyes were still fixed heavenwards. After quite some time, she finally noticed the increasing volume of chatter around her and jumped down to see whats all the fuss about. With a confident leap, she pushed off the spire and landed with the grace of a leopard smack in front of the young stranger!

To be continued…


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