It all started with what a button could do…

That was the main topic of conversation made for the majority of the day today. Us five friends haven’t met each other for at least 5 years and when we’re back together again, I have to say I’m glad that our flow of conversation didn’t stop five (or was it six?) years ago!

It was fantastic, we talked about our current situations, reminisced our school days and most of all talked about the possibilities in technology. One of our friends in particular was brimming with all sorts of phone application possibilities!

Really, the ideas were endless.

Even after a short trip to the commode, he managed to bring up another ridiculously sound yet unheard of application that may somehow seem useless but interestingly entertaining! One in particular I remember was this application he suggested where when filming over an image of a building, the application has a sensor that could convert all the windows of the building to doors and vice versa! I thought it was ingenious and won’t it be even more interesting to have people walking out the doors that were once windows?

It may sound strange but it would be exceedingly entertaining don’t you think?

Everything a button could do, what else do you think are the possibilities available?


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