What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday?

Its been a while since I’ve experienced my perfect Sunday.

Back when I was still studying as an undergraduate abroad, I was living alone, in a beautiful town and my only means of getting around was by my trusty feet. It was the greatest experience for me.

My Sundays which were mostly perfect started with an early rise breathing in the cool air flowing through my window and catching the first beams of morning. Then, I would have a hot cup of tea and a good breakfast before setting out.

I would have two options on how I would spend my Sunday:
1. Visiting the Public Library
2. Going for a long walk in a park

Both activities that I enjoy immensely, sometimes I do both, where I would borrow a book and check it out in the park. That would be my favourite part of the Sunday.

Being in the park where the sounds of nature exists so strongly and yet it harmoniously blends in with the environment. The effect is gradual and doesn’t smoosh you into the face like pie. I’d sit down and listen to natures orchestra while soaking in the activity or inactivity around me.

All in all, my ideal Sunday would be a great day of rejuvenation of my spirit and strength. My mind, body and soul would be refreshed doing things I love most, then finishing it off eating a cosy dinner with people whose company I enjoy.

Reminiscing it now brings a smile to my face, I would love to experience my ideal Sunday once more.


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