Thoughts Thought Through

Recently, my blogging frequency has risen tremendously over the past couple of days, not only because of the challenge by WordPress – But also because I’ve been requested to write more stories!

It has been a different experience and being able to express myself so freely with words definitely changed my perspective. I took more time to observe and listen than to fill in the blanks all the time now. I am still loquacious to a fault but I find that I’m getting better in keeping myself in check now a days. It is a good feeling! đŸ™‚

To top that off, I find my creativity increasing as the days go by, it may just be beginners luck, but I quote Bill Stout:

“Whether or not you write well, write bravely.”

I thought that was brilliant and inspiring for a budding ink user such as myself. So now, I’m taking up more projects to improve my presentation, flow and content. Also very excited since I’ve received lots of encouragement from my sister who have requested that I would compose a couple of poems and write out some stories for her.

So I may post some of it up here and show how brave am I. Only time will tell after my thoughts that I’ve thought through has been thoroughly thought out. (self snicker )


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