Having the Japanese Fever

I suppose everyone enjoys being in the heat of things that even the hottest happenings are getting their description influenced by it! If that sounds confusing then the latest hot thing that everyone is talking about…the Bieber fever.

Well I wouldn’t want to have a rant or write an essay of what I think about that, I just don’t have that disease. Instead I’m having a serious case of the Japanese fever…it has been ongoing for the past 6 years of my life and I am still not cured.

Now that’s the real ‘being in the heat of things’.

Also, having friends who share the same passion as I do for this form of entertainment / culture helps! Not to mention, I am now involved in the presentation to 20 Japanese clients! How cool is that?

Really cool.

Now, I just want to go home, douse myself with 50 episodes of Japanese goodness with a cold drink as an accompaniment.

I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Having the Japanese Fever

    • Nyanko sensei’s speech pattern is too cute to follow, I could never copy that. Btw, I’ve asked my boss to send me and a couple of the staff to learn japanese! Bwahahaha…I will make it happen!!!

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