Rockstar getting a present for the Goth

Can you imagine a rockstar trying to find out what to give to the Goth living in the same pad?

Well, living together helped with the bonding and thus giving us the opportunity to know what each other’s likes and dislikes. It was an exciting journey for all my endless singing and the Goths endless moping. (I exaggerate but it can be a little disturbing telling everyone how the Goth would have some random laughing sessions…I got used to it.)

One thing I never tire of was the Goth’s blatant dislike for sunlight, and its really funny since her room is located at the sunniest place of the pad, while I live in constant gloom. By the way, gloomy weathers rock my world. I digressed, well the entertaining part comes early in the morning just as the rising sun approaches and I tip-toed into the Goth’s domain…slow and quiet footsteps to make sure not to awaken the Goth’s wrath, then when the sun starts shining in brightly, with a great swing of my arms I opened heaven!!! Let the hissing commence…

That is one of my favourite things to do.

So me getting a present for the Goth’s turning of age, was quite an adventure as well. Strange presents from all sorts of dodgy places first sprang to mind, then I thought hey, maybe I should get something normal for once, something that may affect the Goth’s whole outlook. Maybe, just maybe, the Goth might end up smiling! (That…is actually a scary thought, again, I exaggerate for effect.)

I’m sure the Goth ocassionally stalks my site so am not going to reveal the nature of the present, but I have hinted a little in the previous paragraph.

Oh I’m so excited!!


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