Something happened…right?

Somehow, I have been having weird recollections of me drooling on a pillow while reading OR dreaming something awfully interesting.

I just don’t know what is it about. It was intensely interesting at the time and it left me such a great impact that I still have that nagging feeling that I should know what on earth its about!

That’s only after 2 pints…1 pint more than usual.

At least I do remember what a brilliant shade of red my body turned last night! That was hella exciting! There was also something only the rockstar me could achieve that I did, but I can’t really remember, somehow my memories were replaced by work immediately.

Someone hit the delete button and emptied the trash can without my consent!

Moral of the story: No more Hoegaarden, or at least bring someone who’s willing to drink my share.

I should have more interesting snippets to write about after my brain cleared out some more. Now, to drown myself into the schism of work.


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