Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I’m sure I’m missed!

Work tore me away from the vomit of thoughts I’ve been having the past several days. Indeed, many things were running through my mind, and not many were good thoughts. If we were to compare my mood swings to a pregnant woman’s craving, I think mine would be a lot more severe. The discrepancies between my “happiness” point and “angry, I want to key your car” point is comparable to the distance of Earth to the Sun (not too far coz that won’t be realistic now!)

However, the few good points did wonders to my mood, and I’m feeling reasonably pleasant to share a couple of interesting incidents I’ve experienced in the past few days.

Aside from having absolute freedom and arriving to work late, I have been a right feather brain. First, I left the tool of my trade lounging in the pockets of my car seat. I don’t know how it escaped my memory but I was complacently thinking I have everything in my own pockets. The next day, I didn’t forget the same tool…instead I forgotten my purse, and this, I left it right in plain sight. Good thing no one thought it looked like it contained much. Also I was rescued by a stroke of luck when my colleague happened to be right on their way pass my house.

I did manage to leave my umbrella in a friend’s office so my saga of forgetfulness has not ended just yet. I really don’t want this repeated tomorrow.

Those were not exactly great things but I can’t help but laugh at myself, I have not been this forgetful before and it just happened! I thought it was amusing anyway.

All this, I blame solely on the Goth living with me. If not for picking her up and thinking about feeding her, I might’ve had a fighting chance of forgetting less things! Maybe a ray of sunlight in the early hours to exact my revenge. Or maybe I taint her food source with chilli sauce. Hmmm, now I have something to occupy the rest of my day…aside from work of course, you can’t have too many boring things to do at the same time!

Ah I have written too much, well, its really to compensate for my absence. Even though I’m missed, I doubt I would be forgiven by my invisible audience for giving a short description of my happenings.

That’s all for now!



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