I’m CHEATING! Day 03 – 06 on the 30 day song challenge…

Supposed to do the 30 day challenge and fill it out every single day but I skipped a couple of days!

Here’s to pick it up:

Day-03 – a song that makes you happy : This Afternoon by Nickelback / The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

These two are my instant happy mood songs, both with awesome lyrics that reminds you how to enjoy the day and let go any inhibitions you’re facing!

Day -04 – a song that makes you sad : I Want To Hold Your Hand by Chris Colfer

I swear the first and subsequent times I listen to this song, it never fails to give my heart a sharp twinge of pain. The first time gave out tears as well. Beautifully sung, soulfully expressed.

Day -05- a song that reminds you of someone : God Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

This is embarrassing but I remember my failed relationships when I hear this song and it also reminds me of people who really impacted my life. The lyrics for this song can bring out your true feelings if sung with heart.

Day-06-a song that reminds you of somewhere : Superman (Its Not Easy) by Five For Fighting

I remember the happy school days and my classroom everytime I hear this song, oh my misguided youth.

4 days at one go! That was a lot of fun and a lot of time wasted.

Now, really, I got to get back to work. Next time now!



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