Books in My Life

Getting pretty excited with the prospect of decorating my own room to my own taste instead of  relying on others for once! I will be meeting an interior designer this weekend to discuss the kind of things I need or don’t need in my room. Well, of course I have been working and I realise that the table has lost its importance by 80% aside for the need to put my laptop on it…I’m thinking of using that space for my books instead.

A foldable wall table would be practical! I’ll be using my space efficiently and there would be more space to roll about on the floor! There’s just so many things I’d like to ask the interior designer, if he could make a palace out of an economical budget…I’m sure something can be done.

My excitement is really skyrocketing and I just couldn’t help but look for inspiration already! Oh but at least it shows my initiative and how much I want this room to be like this:

The books are within reach and I would have a mini stand to put the books that I’m reading! Oh and because I found one, there’s more:

This looks a lot more to my liking but I can’t imagine sleeping beneath accumulated amount of dust!

And the grand finale…words just don’t need to describe it when the picture can.

I can’t wait.


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