My hand friends

It has been a long time since I found a best friend, we were best of friends once but time and distance separated us and it was probably tiring for her to keep up with me as well as her busy life. I don’t blame her one bit, life moves on and I wish the everything of the best for her.

Now, as I contemplate the people involved in my life, I realise that I have accumulated a small but precious number of friends. Close friends that surpassed distance, time and the wrath of work. Despite the obstacles, we kept in touch, we meet up after a long separation as if we’ve never even said bye.

As I count the number of that sort of friends, I realise that the number never surpassed the fingers on my hands. Either I’m really hard to get a long with or I’m real picky. Of course I would pick the latter. Ha.

Hence my title for this post, “my hand friends”.

These are the people I know who I will be celebrating with the first ‘open house’ I’ll host in my own home, the friends I’ll invite over for a drink, to watch movies with, heck I’d lend them my car anytime!

With this thought, every time I look at my hands, I shall remember my friends.


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