When you’re a kid, the world is a magical place!

With a trunkful of possibilities, and not an ounce of doubt. A day was an adventure and the nights were spent reliving it while fighting dragons. Food was a source of energy to be used until the body screams for replenishment, and ice cream…oh yeah, that’s what you’re supposed to eat for the rest of your life!

Many people keep trying to step into another person’s shoes, introducing phrases like, looking through the eyes of a child, there’s a whole lot of possibilities and the like.

But what about yours? Your very own socket-filled eye balls. I’m certain imagination hasn’t been banned yet.

As far as I’m concerned I believe that having an imagination has not fell out of trend nor has it been deemed illegal!

Having an imagination is wonderful, having another person to share that imagination makes it incredibly more fun. I believe also that with some belief, that imagination can be something real.

I think that’s how children are able to learn so much faster than we could at our adulthood. The possibilities are numerous and their boundaries does not exist. In fact, the potential to achieve is limitless! Only when we start understandings the ways of the world is when we started having limits.

To challenge myself and to make my life a lot more exciting, i have prepared my sword and shield, ready to go against the very world that dictated that I should memorize my times table. C’mon dragons, here I come!


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