Back from a pause

Just back from a refreshing four day break after the rush of work. It has been a fantastic time catching up with friends and family alike.

The most important update though is the opportunity I got to finish a book! Finally my first book in months! Was afraid that I am losing my touch in enjoying the wonderful world of books.

Right now in hand, I have started on a rather exciting book titled “the king’s bastard”. It’s the first book of the trilogy – the chronicles of king rolen’s kin. I wonder if there was a series prior to this one. So far the start of the book gave me quite a pull and it has been relatively successful in maintaining my interest. Looking forward to see what unfolds through the pages!

Speaking of books, I have always wondered how would it be like to work in the library or somewhere where I’ll be needed to write reviews on books that I’ve read? Hmmm, I’ll need to do some research on this and try it out!

*Imagines being constantly surrounded by books and a good cuppa.*



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