I come in like the monthly pains.

Seeping at first, a big flow of words after a couple of days and then nothing until the next month.

Saying that, I’ve been taking a roller coaster whirl with my emotions, self-esteem and confidence. Hey, which young, good looking something doesn’t? Its been really tiring at work, but with my love drug, it kept me sane. Gotta love that dog.

I have been thinking about something to write and the first thing that pops in my head : ok its menstruation but I’m not going to write about the hormonally challenged experience womenkind experience on a monthly basis.

Instead I’ll write about – being a rebel. At least, my adventure in becoming one. Oh I can imagine the tsk tsk-ing and shocked looks of some of my more naive friends. How could I ever go against the social norm?! I spit on it, that’s what.

I absolutely refuse to be the good girl, I refuse to be what you want to be but I’ll be the best that I can be. Of course I don’t feel like going all hippy all of a sudden, I just wanted to rebel against people who are afraid of change. So I’m changing first, starting with my looks, and then my attitude.

I’m not thinking about turning into an absolute bitch or an emo but I just want to be the cheerful person I’ve always been, just weirder. Because that’s me.

I do my work diligently, but I don’t like wearing stuffy office clothes. I am hardworking and serious but I like having different coloured hair and contact lenses. I don’t want to have lunch with you just because my food taste better.

Simple items like that.

I’m gonna get my hair done next Tuesday, hopefully I’m brave enough to put up my picture.



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