The sock came out green!

My sudden appearance surely turned many socks green. Its a phenomena yet to be explained.

Had an interesting conversation with 2 other good friends of mine and suddenly, one of my friends, undoubtedly with good intentions quickly shook me to grab my attention. My attention was certainly grabbed. Firmly.

He saw a cute looking little someone, he probably thought I’d be interested. Friend B was not amused and pfft at him. I was amused at both their reactions after.

It was an interesting telepathic conversation, I read their expressions, the quirk of their eye brows and magnificent hand gestures perfectly. Apparently, my taste in guys was a great conversation started, which quickly turned into a full blown proclamation by Friend B that all girls like bad boys. The moral of the story was to be as big a dick you can be.

Boy was that interesting.

I learn a few things :
1. Men do watch other men. They may even be interested in them.
2. Women do not always watch men, only very outstanding ones.
3. Apparently, all women prefer bad boys, personally I like men. But my point doesn’t matter to them.
4. Fish and chips taste a lot better with lemon.
5. Having 4 hours of sleep and a diet of coke and ice cream does wonders to your brain.

I had a good day yesterday and so far today has been alright too. I learnt something.


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