Daydream Dreams

She was sitting by her favourite spot in Starbucks, looking outside. Lost in her thoughts, she did not noticed the presence hovering in front of her.

“*ahem*, excuse me, is this seat taken?”

she glances to the voice that distracted her, looming before her, a tall, bearded person was gesturing to the chair in front of her.

“No, the seats free, please have it.”

As a habit, she thought over the sentence she spoke, living in England now after 3 years and she’s still slightly insecure with her speech.

she smiled at the thought, perhaps I have not grown up much then, she whispered to herself.

“pardon me?” bearded person with piercing eyes spoke to her.

“oh no, I was just reminiscing” she smiled

“you have a nice smile” he said with a furry grin.

she blushes and stammered her thanks. Not knowing what else to say she blurted ” I like your beard…” and closes her mouth frantically.

He grins a wide, toothy grin. “that’s a first! I happen to like it too, which is why I have it, thought that one day it may become a chick magnet!”

she laughed, ” it works fantastically! I feel the strong magnetic wave emitting from your beard!”

“is that all that draws you?” he softly smiles

he leans in and she closes her eyes.

I woke up then with pain etched onto my heart. I sighed and move onto to seize the day, maybe I should go for a Starbucks.


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