Chance Meetings

The sights, sound, smell and taste of the city washed over her like a waterfall. She sighed as she unburden the stress that has been accumulating for the past month. She orders a drink.

A pair of dark eyes noted her figure from afar, and the slight slump in her shoulders. He was looking for an adventure since leaving home for the first time, a rites of passage before he faces the rat race. He walked towards the bar, carpe diem

Nursing her drink, she thought of all the things that has happened, work, life and family. She also thought of how she missed being hugged, kissed and loved. when a smooth voice chimed in.

“Mind if I join you?”

She turns, a young person in casual, comfortable clothing was behind her. A pair of hooded dark eyes gazed softly.

“Sure” and scooted over for him

He orders his drink, a pint of hooergarden. and smiles “So whats a girl like you doing at a place like this?” he asked with a cheeky grin.

A wide smile blossomed on her face, making her already small, asian eyes look even more slit like, accentuating her dark lashes. 

“Possibly to have an opportunity to meet someone who would ask me that cliche pick up line!” 

He laughed a deep low chuckle, “Sorry about that, your smile glowed so brightly I just lost all coherency of thought, would the lady forgive me?” he winked.

She couldn’t help but laugh at the uniqueness of their meeting, and they warmed up with each other a little more through a couple more drinks.

The night wore on as hazel meets warm browns. Clasped hands refusing to part while the city lights turned off one by one.

A hand on my shoulder shooked me awake. “Miss, miss, you reached your stop. Miss, you got to wake up!” Quickly I stumble off, I probably could do with a drink after work.


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