Maybe a dream – Short story part 1

We’ve been friends for ages. Most of the people would think we’re like an old married couple, but we never took a step beyond friendship. Him always saying that we’re not meant for each other and me, just accepting whatever he says.

There was a line he doesn’t want to cross, that is the line I wanted to destroy.

But I couldn’t.

My cowardly self made no move to risk the fun and enjoyment of just being by his side. I know, he would never thought of me like that, never to make him weak at the knees, never to think about at night, never to randomly give a call.

I turned to my pillow late one night, crying myself to sleep of the hopelessness of my situation, then I hear a sound.

It was peculiar, it attracted my attention and I recognised it. It was not gentle, neither was it distinctive, it was really, just there. A sound that called out to me. I stopped my crying and tried to locate the sound, I walked out my window…

…into a cabin with a roaring fireplace. It was dimmed out and the typical cabin furniture was in the room. Of course, there is a large chair facing towards the fire place. My heart stopped thinking there might be someone sleeping there. I tiptoed around the chair, took a deep breath and swung towards the front of the chair.

There was no one there.

Really, I was disappointed, yet at the same time, relieved. I let out a great breath and sat down on the large and comfortable chair. The fireplace crackled and soon I drifted to sleep from the warmth…

I started dreaming and saw my sleeping self on the chair, when the door swung open. A hulking body trudged in covered in animal skins and was followed in by a panting furry figure. He paused as he noticed his resting place trespassed, cautiously he approached the chair. My heart was trapped in my throat as I desperately tried to wake myself up, I was so afraid, of what I didn’t know. I just had to get up!

He looked at my face, just then I felt my ‘self’ sucked into my body and I saw his face. Just then he fell back in shock with my sudden waking and we stared at each other. I could hear both our heartbeats beating rapidly and we both sat frozen for a while until we both heard a low grumble growl from the back. I froze while he was woken from his reverie and quickly he calmed the beast with whispered words and I heard it feeding.

My body stubbornly refused to move while fear continued to build up then I felt a hand on my shoulder, I screamed.

I screamed so loud, I screamed hysterically, I screamed like there was no tomorrow.

The door swung open and my parents ran into my room with a panicked look in their face, my sisters peeping from behind them.


It was 3 am and I felt bad for scaring the family, I calmed them and told them it was only a nightmare. My whole body was shivering in sweat, I shed my clothes to take a shower and saw a hand imprint on my top.



2 thoughts on “Maybe a dream – Short story part 1

  1. you got an interesting story. i like the end with hand imprint on it but i feel you could work on the part where the beast is doing something cause i find it really plain that the monster isn’t doing much. i like the whole description though. it makes it easy to understand.

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