Some mornings

Some mornings I wake up with a spring in my step. I would literally hop off my bed, bounce off the floor like its a trampoline and barrel into the toilet to get over my morning rituals. All ready to face the day.

Some mornings, ouh, after having an overdose of fun, forgetting meals and probably stretched the limits of my body. I feel like I’m experiencing an emotional and physical hangover. Yes, the head throbs, it feels like a spider spun its web in my mouth all the way to my throat, life sucked then.

Imagine, all that without a single drop of alcohol.

Mornings, like em’, hate em’, it still greets you every single day. Its just a matter of handling it. I thank God each and every day that there’s a hot, large cup of English Breakfast to jolt me awake to functioning properly.

Ahhh, tea.


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