Its not fair!

This is going to be really corny and almost mash potato mushy.

Ugh, just thinking of it is already making me queasy.

But oh gosh I want to rant! Its SO FREAKING UNFAIR! As I have already stated, as the title of this post.

I have a male friend, who’s abso-positive-ly gorgeous to the ends of the earth. We just met so we’re probably just friends. Yours truly however is smitten. I blame the stubble. Oh do I blame the stubble.

My palms sweat, something’s in my throat and my heart skipped so many beats I don’t know how am I producing enough blood to function.

He, on the other hand probably doesn’t think much of it. Cool as a cucumber.

Not fair. Not fair at all.

Calm down me, there’s no need to be so happy whenever there’s a reply or a suggestion to meet up again. Its not THAT important, (actually, it is, oh my god it is).

Focus on work! Focus on getting the things you neeeeeed and focus on living your life! Not on this male human with gorgeous eyes and stubble on face that you want to…….ARGHHHHHH!

I can hear the brain telling me to shut up now.

I have ranted, my throat is still constricted, but I need to go back to work.

Yes, work.


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