Before I became a logophile, I was an accomplished bibliophile.

Just rereading the sentence above made me chuckle, because the one famous word that ends with “phile” doesn’t give out a good impression.

Yet, it did not stop my love for words, to appreciate how expressive certain words are and the million and one ways one could describe anything at all.

The way the sentence is structured brings a new mood, the choice of words that exposes the author’s true intentions or the paragraph that hid certain meanings cleverly shielded by metaphors and subtle sarcasm.

Thinking about it, it should be an easy task for me to write a letter or to express myself to another person. It really should, and yet here I sit behind my laptop with my fingers in my mouth and my head banging on the desk repeatedly.

Its just so difficult to properly express myself to certain people. Either I’m still hiding myself or I am way too shy and afraid that they would actually find out about me.

That made me sound like batman, nananana nananana batman!!! I have a secret hideout!

*Inhale. Exhale*

I wonder if I should start with :

Dear you, I want to be your friend…sincerely, me.


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