Brace yourselves

This is going to be a little horrible and I apologise in advance.

I only had 3 hours of sleep but I finished my report, that’s what mattered. Drove to work a lot slower than usual seeing that I was sort of in a daze. Already I was planning to buy 2 cups of strong, black tea to jump start my brain and body.

My throat started to feel a little dry and constricted, maybe I’m hungry, so I took a sip of my health shake. Bad idea. My stomach started feeling queasy immediately, no way I’m going to throw up in my car so I shifted in my seat till I was slightly more comfortable and drove on. Finally after 45 grueling minutes of queuing and cutting, I arrived at the car park. Finished my shake because that’s the only breakfast I have, off I went to my office building.

My eyes glazed over the moment the aroma of coffee and tea hit me that I beeped the wrong access…”thing”, I opened the one next to me instead of the one in front of me. Oh well, I was too tired to care.

Now comes the part that I warned you about, if you don’t like it please don’t continue reading it.

Stepped into the lift and after a few seconds the doors dinged opened again and entered a rather large lady. I feel bad saying this but the sight of her suddenly triggered peristalsis in reverse. She doesn’t smell, or look bad, but because she is rather large and she was wearing extremely tight clothing, her extra bits were jutted out so painfully I had to take a couple of breaths just to keep down whatever I had this morning.

Even now as I write this, I have difficulty and am on the verge of spewing my stomach remains onto my keyboard.

It looked so disgusting, I am pretty sure there are better clothes that would’ve made her look a lot nicer. But her insistent on wearing a tight blouse that cuts into her folds and a short skirt that did not flatter her in anyway, oh and I can’t forget how in pain her feet looked, they were swollen and bruised in her open toe heels.

I felt so sick I had to avert my eyes.

This is not the first time I met a large person, heck, I meet large people everywhere. Some of my friends are large people. They just happen to like food very much or they could have been suffering from a condition. Its fine.

I just couldn’t take how blatantly she exposed her unhealthy lifestyle. She’s large and proud, fine. But please, oh please I beg so hard I’m on my knees, please don’t allow your body to portray such painful statements by forcing it into unsuitable clothing. Its just painful.

Sigh, I should stop. I shall stop.


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