Sometimes, all we need is a slight push…

To do the right thing, to do things right.

More often than not, people compromise their desires, their dreams just to fulfill the social stigma that is existing in our lives. We performed to our very best by sticking to the script as close as possible.

Why do we do that? Follow the script, follow a set of traditions, and comply with a set of rules.

Rules and traditions are merely guidelines; nothing more, nothing less!

As always, it is easier to say this than to act upon on it, and I felt the brunt of commitment from the words I wrote out previously from the words of a friend.

He asked me one more time “what is stopping you? Why are you afraid?”

I am very much afraid.

I’m about to set foot on an unchartered realm, unadvised and unknown by the people closest to me. A decision I need to make for myself, based upon my own beliefs and what I thought would be able to benefit people closest to me. Most of all, I wanted to make this decision to fulfill not just my goals, but my dreams.

My heart warred with unexplained excuses and an insurmountable amount of fear injected into my breast.

I am really scared, but I know, and know and know and know. It is what I want; it is what I can do and what I can leverage on.

A couple of days later, I ate my own words when I repeated my friend’s very same words “what is stopping you? Why are you afraid?” to another who was hesitant on taking a step because of fear.

Then I realize what I fool I almost became if I did not make the decision to spit into the face of fear and take the leap of faith.

Really, what is stopping me, what am I afraid of?

It is me, it is change, it is a future.

A slight push was all I need, a slight push was all everyone needed to move on.

*inhale, exhale*

Just a few more days, one step at a time, here…I…go…

The scariest moment is always just before you start. – Stephen King


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