Do you want to live forever?

Continuation from Maybe a Dream

Her stomach turned at the sight of the red hand like mark upon her shoulder. She couldn’t help but remember that was where “he” touched her. Right before she started screaming bloody murder in her house.

Her breath started to quicken and soon she was gasping, clutching the front of her shirt with frantic tears streaming down her face as she revived the fear she felt then.

That’s me, I thought. But, if I’m there, where am I?

It was strange how it took me a while to realise that I was separated from my body and that I have been staring at myself spiral downwards all the while. Now, I start to panic. Suddenly as if sensing my new found knowledge, the walls around me in my room start to change, as if fading from one dream to another as it shed its warmth to the cold, grey concrete.

Just as unexpected, I felt like I was transported in a blink of an eye, I’m back. I’m in the cabin.

Silence ensued in the wooden shelter, there was no breath of life as my eyes continue searching for the one thing that struck fear into my heart. Then, as if hearing my thought, he appeared. Large, wrapped in animal skins, his face this time covered but his eyes, they pierced straight to me.

“Why are you here again? Haven’t you returned to your world?”

His voice was raspy, like he has not used his vocal chords for a while.

I tried to speak and just as I was about to begin my tirade, I felt a ball in my throat that clutched onto my voice box. I couldn’t speak, not a whisper, not a sound.

His eyes continued their piercing assault on my person as I frantically clutch my throat, trying to speak.

He was silent and then he asked “Do you want,…to live forever?”

I looked up in disbelief, shock registered on my face.

Then as unexpected and sudden…

Everything went black.


2 thoughts on “Do you want to live forever?

    • Haha, thank you! This was one of the topics to write given by wordpress last year, initially it was my intention to as you wrote, write a “thought-provoking” piece. But I changed my mind when my story needed a sequel, now its just a matter of the next chapter…

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