Living Anew

Not sure where I heard it but it has been repeated over time again and again. Its this phrase :

We are creatures of habit

I found a phrase that I agree and disagree to. After all, it is only when you’re able to accept things at their essence that enables you to break away from it.

My comfort zone revolves around not doing anything, I save a lot of money because of that. But I also meet less people and know less about my surroundings, or what’s fun to do. I would have been a horrible tour guide.

I would return home from work, look for food, watch TV, take a shower, go to sleep. This continues every day for the week days, unless I have a class or practise to attend. Weekends really aren’t any different; wake up, look for food, read my book, watch TV, probably go out if my friends look for me, come home, dinner, watch TV, sleep.

Very routine, predictable and pretty comfortable. But of course, like every hot blooded person, I get frustrated. That I don’t go out, that I don’t have that many friends, that I don’t feel like I’m living a life.

Well, its pretty easy to see why!

Then my 25th birthday this year came. I decided, and I made a choice to do whatever it takes to change my lifestyle, to change. I want to live.

Along with that I immediately bought a notebook that I carry everywhere I go with a beautiful quote on the cover:

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away.

How I needed that. Its not about motivation, its not about success. Its about living a breathless life (haha, it sounds wrong but I’m pretty sure you could guess my intention!).

I set a game plan, and I wrote it as a page on this blog titled “the 10 things –  a work in progress – 2012“. To commit myself, to set easy to reach goals and to remind myself each time.

Of course as we have all experienced, will power don’t always bring you far (I do believe there are exceptional individuals out there who disagree), I prayed. I pray that I will have the determination to accomplish my goals and I also pray that I will enjoy myself along the way!

So far, it has been wonderful. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m loving myself more and more.


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