9 Hours

of glorious sleep.

That was the ticket.

I’ve been exhausted the past 2 weeks coping with the amount of functions, outings and work that needed my attention. I was so busy that I have not even had time for meals and rest, ended up looking haggard with a slow wit.

Its funny how we can compromise with the basics of life, when we were taught to have a good foundation before entering into anything complex or detailed.

I read another article just the other day where the majority of people living the fast life could forgo all the necessities in order to fulfill a short term goal / pleasure.

I wonder if they ever thought of what happens next? Do you continue the same cycle to fulfill another fleeting moment of pleasure? Is there even a thought to break out of the cycle?

What I’m able to do after having that rejuvenating glorious 9 hours cannot compare to the amount of work or thought process when I lack rest. I feel so good I’m able to do so much more and plan ahead…so finally…I have made

my facial appointment.

Yay to the joys of pampering.


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