I have to add another thing

from my previous post…

It turns out that I don’t just get irritated by that one friend’s half hearted answer.

(whoo boy)

I call a customer service centre to check on some of the orders I’ve made. Not only was the person incompetent but the half assed answers ticked me off so badly I almost blew my top on the phone.

Its the “uhhh…I think…I’m not sure’s” that really got me seeing red. I don’t mind if the person does not have the answers or they don’t know the status of things. I just don’t like it when they think that my concern is of no importance.

Thankfully I quelled my irritation and asked the person clearly on what was needed and expected for me to obtain the information I seeked. Took a deep breath and counted to ten….then I saw the light.

Anyway, I will not dwell on that too much. After all, today’s my Friday of the week! Hallelujah for off days


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