Waking up Late

is extremely refreshing.

The traffic is a lot less congested, the sky has already cleared and is blasting out a beautiful shade of blue.

I sauntered to the office without a touch of remorse, and sat myself down. No one looked my way, no one said anything.

The meeting went on with my head in the clouds, the rest of the members were speaking in a language I wasn’t fluent in so I decided to check on my “other” business, things are going well there and I continued planning.

Finally someone noticed my presence and commented on the lack of it. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, they seem to accept it as an answer and continued with their debate about babies, contraception and breast feeding.

I feel a little dazed, my already small chinese eyes smaller, I lay back on the chair and thought.

Man, this feels good. All I need is a glass of wine, probably a book nearby  or some awesome music.

Waking up late – I choose what happens to the rest of my day. So far, its been pretty darn good.


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