Just Living

Staring at the screen as the words type themselves to existence, I realise that every single EVENT occurring may not be a coincidence. Unconsciously and consciously, it is all a decision. Reminding me once more that living life is a series of decision making.

Now the questions that came to me was this :

So is it good enough that I just live life? Should I do more? What more can I do? Should I settle? What’s good enough? etc.

The questions at first trickled in and soon rush in like a dam full of uncertainties.

To simplify : What do I want in life?

Good thing its a long holiday this weekend, I’m going to take the time and figure things out. At the mean time, I’ll enjoy whatever present the PRESENT gives me.


2 thoughts on “Just Living

    • Its hard to say whether having more questions is a good thing or a bad thing. But I suppose when there’s still someone answering back, then I know that there’s at least that person that supports. 🙂

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