Long weekend over

The long weekend is over.

Perhaps another might come again soon, in perhaps another week’s time I think. Can hardly wait for that.

Another lazy day, another day fill with stories, another day sipping tea, another day with my loved ones and good friends.

This long weekend, aside from the wondrous fun I obviously had, I had some painfully hard decisions that needed making.

Shaking hands dialed the person’s contact number, my heart jolted when the call was picked up quickly, eliciting a cheeky hello from the other end. I almost died. However things has to be done, I got to speak out, and with the next breath I scheduled our meeting.

The meeting time came, a staring competition ensued before I told the truth and nothing but the truth. I want out. My opponent was relentless and persuasive. Our staring competition continued as my heart threatens to burst from guilt, fear and agitation. I tried again, my opponent was brutal using every advantage equipped.

The end result : I have another 2 days to reconsider.

AND THEN, more problems surfaced as I battle out my inner turmoils. Oh the affairs of the heart really complicate matters. It didn’t help that I consumed 4 bags of tea continuously in 2 hours, black.

It was not a restful night and when morning chimed in, only one thing was on my mind. Fuck it all, I’m going to work. I’m going to think about the 1st issue tomorrow and I’ll solve the heart affairs the next day. I kept telling myself Carpe Diem, once and for all, Carpe Diem through it all!

Hear from me three days later, whoever is ‘listening’ out there.



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