Because I can think of absolutely nothing at all…

Everything is on “action” mode now. Its a do or die mode, spend now and regret later. Unfortunately I wish I can say the same for sex me now and ask me later, whoops, where did that came from. *snickers*

Its been an eventful time since I went AWOL from writing. Not that my writing misses me but I thought it would be nice of me to be considerate and drop by time to time. Yes, I am consoling myself, self gratification happens on a daily basis. It justifies my existence.

You know that saying, love yourself….or something. Only remembered that part, so I’ve been doing much self loving by:
1. Working out (picked up a new martial art)

2. Eating healthily (in moderation, junk food still exists, in fact I’m going to a fast food joint for lunch today, good lord yes…)

3. Dressing up

4. Buying more books (I need to find time to read them)

5. Downloading more ebooks

6. Spending money on random food

I sound like I’m getting over a break up. Which sounds pretty sad when there wasn’t anything going on to begin with. A big face palm is needed right now. Looking back I see what a busy social life I’m giving myself, my schedule is packed to the brim and I’m just so busy doing so many things and nothing at all (reading awesome comic books and finishing up the books I just started).

Yoda would’ve quote “Much life is needed for self, as self needs much life”.

Nerd, workaholic, and fitness junkie thou must not become.

Let me bring out my red carpet.

On a brighter note, bringing out the pessimist in me is strangely refreshing, I feel a lot better now.


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