Writing or the lack of it…

My free time at work

(Which, shamefully has been occurring a tad more frequent since it IS the end of the year)

These days has been spent idling about youtube, reading thought catalog while in search of a kindred spirit, and looking up interesting articles to write about.

The latter being the bigger failure than the former.

I find it amazing how people are able to extract information from countless sources and write out a post base on their opinion. Reading it, I thought “wow, how intelligent, I could’ve thought of this too.”

Ah, my naivety never ceases to surprise me these days. Sometimes I overestimate the capacity of my critical thinking skills versus my information absorption mode. The latter being the bigger success than the former.

Am I doomed to be an information garbage truck without ever regurgitating the contents of my head?

Yet the irony of this blog’s existence rings out.

What in nine hells is the point of having this blog when I have absolutely nothing to write about?

It is to my shame to admit, that perhaps this miniscule internet space has been used as an online self-reflection spot. I’m also just too fucking lazy to write everything out in a note book.

All hail the age of internet.

Welcome, satirical postings.


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