Surprises and Roses

She returned home late after a weekend of drinks, dance and eating. Her soul was filled and so was her mind, she tosses her bags in the corner of her room, slips into her night things…going to bed was still a far away thought really.

The salty oily smell of Mcdonald’s french fries wafted passed her nostrils and stirred the monster in her tummy. “Yum” she thought happily to herself as she whips out a comic book to enjoy.

Her phone pings, she wonders who would be texting so late at night and it turned out to be a reminder for a dinner meet up with a friend. This should be fun.

Next day rolled by and she received more texts from the friend confirming dinner and that she’ll be picked up from home.

“It feels like a date” she thought wistfully to herself. A small smile form as she while away her day with that fantasy. The evening light dims the house and she starts preparing. Sweet smells permeate the air as she emerges from the bathroom, her clothes were strewn all over her bed as she tries to go for “sensual but not too desperate”. Final touches on her make up to brighten her eyes and a quick slip of her heels — the door bell rings.

She grins as her heart hammered hard against her chest, she opens the door to see a huge bouquet of red roses.

“Surprise” Behind the bouquet stood a man she never met. Wide eyed and confused she carefully spoke “You might have the wrong house, but I bet she would be extremely happy to see you.”

His arm shot out to stop the door from closing “No, I got the right house. I got the right person, you just haven’t met me yet.”

She stares as he continues.

“Come” he extends his hand “Come to me and meet me”

Slowly, her hand moves to his and powerful fingers immediately envelope hers as he pull her into a full embrace.

They disappeared into the night with trails of roses scattered on her door step.


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