Naming a Pet

A short break from my Fun Times at Home series here’s a random snippet! 

Its fairly important to think of a suitable and easy name for your pet. Something acceptable and dignified for your pet, even though they don’t understand words the way we do.

My sisters and I were pondering over “If we have a dog, what would we name it?” 

Melanie (youngest) : I definitely want to call it Ceberus, imagine how cool it sounds? Here Ceberus, FETCH!

*images and roars of fire pound in the quiet room*

Panda (second in line from the throne) : I think interesting and funny names are the way to go. That way the pet would think they’re already making us happy! I like names like Momo!

Both youngest and I shrugged, its fair enough since it suits her personality. Then both sisters looked at me expectantly.

Me : …..Neng…

Both sisters : What?

Me : I would name it Neng. Its a syllable, there’s no pet with that name and you can use several inflections with this name to express different emotions.

Both sisters : *dumbfounded*

Me : I think its a cool name…


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