Half an hour before shut eye

My favourite part of each day – aside from all my evening activities :

  • cardio
  • jiu jitsu classes
  • boxing classes
  • meeting up with friends
  • dinners
  • drinking parties

is the half an hour before I sleep.

During that 30 minutes, on my bed with my duvet pulled halfway across my body and my pillow arranged to comfortably support my back – I would look around my room. Drink in the sight of my memories, my books (and pondering if I should get a page or two in), my iPad, and the ceiling.

Out of all that I listed (yes, I love lists) – my top favourite would be staring up at the ceiling.

On my bed, finally tucked under my duvet and the lights turned off, the windows opened and the blinds drawn down. Stories will come to life. My imagined love life would become reality, the wondrous house I drew in my imagination would substantiate. Best part of all that? The adventures I would be in, the journey itself would be crafted in detail. From the clothes I wear, to the people in my party and the weapons I would be master at. Our quest would always be to defeat something and by some twist of my mind, the something would become my destined one. Then a whole series of comedic acts would be born and I would reduce myself to chuckles.

My eye lids would start getting heavy by then, my breathing getting deeper, and deeper. The sounds of the city would slowly simmer down and soon, I hear nothing at all.

Until morning breaks and my alarm clock welcomes me to a new day.


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