Another hiatus – broken!

I’m back to dust the cobwebs off my page!

It has been a while and being busy just doesn’t cut it sometimes but that is my excuse. It is surprising since I’ve always been a firm believer that if you like something you would always find time for it no matter what.

So I should re-look into my priorities…

which leads me to this link I bump into today!

No.7 totally applies to me. I am the lonely single in her twenties filling up her time with things to distract myself from the lonesome truth.

So I don’t rest. I don’t read romance stories although I do backslide on this once in a while (hormones). I don’t watch sappy movies with love and flowers in it. I just go out, exercise, make appointments, talk to anyone I know and spend time on everything but…myself.

I probably should reevaluate my lifestyle and choice of activities. Then another side of me would protest : but you’re having the time of your life, it’s FUN!

It’s always a raging battle inside and then people try guilt tripping you to doing things they think you SHOULD do. Thankfully I only feel guilty if I think I should have done the deed, which is, not all the time. I recover quickly from my bouts of guilt.

After all…things to do, right?


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