All About

2011 – By day I am a dynamic workaholic, by night…my inner rockstar surfaces.

2012 – Rockstar Revealed

2013 – Rockstar. 

Hi there, thanks for dropping by! I change my blog theme every year as a way to build me up! (Heavens no, never to grow up!)

I love reading and for a while now, I’m loving to write. It took some time before I realise I could and it opens up another outlet for me. Not just to vent but to share my thoughts, my life and hopes!

Its also about community and I’m glad for the followers who read, comment on the post. Its nice knowing that there are tonnes of fun people out there as well!


Thank you to those who followed me, your encouragement really motivates me to practise writing.

Thanks to my family for providing me material to write about.

Thanks to God for making me the way I am.


Have a great life and enjoy the days ahead of you 🙂

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